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Hiterview Report: The second Apple event 2022 will be hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook on 7th September 2022 in which 4 phones of the iPhone 14 series will be launched. The Apple iPhone 14 series includes the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Also Apple watch series 8, Apple watch SE2, Apple Watch Ultra & Airpods Pro 2nd gen will be launched.

This time Apple has introduced Watch Ultra for the first time in the Apple Watch 8 series which is the most expensive watch in this lineup. Along with this, the new Airpod Pro and Apple Watch SE2 have also been launched.

Apple will not launch iPhone 14 mini, instead will launch iPhone 14 Max with bigger display.

iPhone 14 ShrimpApplePro
Apple iPhone 14 research by ShrimpApplePro

Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, which are non-pro variants, will be launched with the last generation A15 Bionic chip and the same iPhone 13 notch design. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be launched with the new A16 Bionic chip.

Apple has made a new change, in which the iPhone mini-series has been discarded. In the year 2020, the iPhone 12 mini was launched by Apple, which has been limited to the iPhone 13 series.

Apple iPhone 14 Performance

iPhone 14
Apple iPhone 14 Series

The Apple A16 Bionic can be up to 40% CPU and 30% GPU faster than the previous A15 Bionic chip. Compared to A15, the A16 chip will get more battery backup of about 2 hours. According to ShrimpApplePro Leaks, the Antutu benchmark for the Apple A16 Bionic chip is 900k, which is capable of competing with the latest Snapdragon gen1 processor.

Apple iPhone 14 Camera Sensor

iPhone 14 Pro Notch
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Notch Design

According to ShrimpApplePro Leaks, the 48MP camera sensor (P7 Lens) has been used for the first time in the iPhone 14. Which being bigger than the previous 12MP camera, the camera bump will be 10%-15% bigger.

Apple iPhone 14 Price List

iPhone 14 Bronze
Apple iPhone 14 Bronze

iPhone 14 Price – $849 – $899 (Expected)
iPhone 14 Max Price – $949 – $999 (Expected)
iPhone 14 Pro Price – $1049 – $1099 (Expected)
iPhone 14 Pro Max Price – $1149 – $1199 (Expected)

iPhone 14 Back Covers
Apple iPhone 14 Back Covers

The graphics card, an important component used inside PC builds, was in huge demand in crypto mining. Due to this, the price has increased a lot due to the silicon shortage used in the chip. The same silicon is also used in the Apple chip, due to which Apple has decided to increase the price of all the iPhone 14 series phones by $50-$100 compared to the previous iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 back
Apple iPhone 14 back

The deliveries of the smaller displays of the iPhone 14 series started in June and the deliveries of the larger displays a month later in July. This could lead to a shortage of iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max phones, say the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

Apple devices will cost more than last years. Because many companies have suffered losses due to Corona epidemic and silicon chip shortage.

Some Apple audiance not happy for iPhone 14 series old notch design. Because the design is last 4 years old.


Apple iPhone 13 users don’t need to upgrade iPhone 14. But they can upgrade for iPhone 14 pro & iPhone 14 pro max. Because the iPhone 14 has not changed much compared to the previous generation. The iPhone 14 has an A15 bionic chip and an old notch design. The iPhone 14 Pro series makes sense to buy, as it gets a new round notch design, camera improvements and the new Apple A16 chip.

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