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The craze of fps mobile games has increased after the launch of PUBG Mobile. With this, even those people who do not have the budget to buy a computer can play fps mobile games. Most of the popular PC games companies are rolling out the mobile version. Due to the good processors in budget phones, mobile gaming is everyone’s thing. Most of the youth and people of all ages play mobile games. Mobile FPS gaming is different as compared to other games because you compete with real person in it. There are many good Fps mobile games available on the Play Store and App Store, by playing which you can sharpen your mind. According to a study done in America, playing a limited amount of games makes your brain sharp and you are able to understand or do the work more quickly.

List Of Best FPS Mobile Games 2022

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile logo

Apex legends mobile is a unique futuristic optimized game. It has battle royale mode and online multiplayer mode available. The specialty of this game is that you can suck different characters and the power and ability of each character is different which helps you in the match.

Fortnite Mobile

fortnite mobile
fortnite mobile game

You can play the world’s favorite game Fortnite by downloading it from the website of EPIC games. These games can build and destroy houses for special techniques such as self-defense. This game looks like toys or animation. Fortnite is the most popular game in Europe, Canada and USA.

PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile logo

Most people like to play Pubg Mobile, which brings revolution in mobile gaming. This game is very difficult and the player has to play it very carefully. Because in this game once you die you have to start a new match. This game has led to divorces and deaths in the world and the Indian government has banned it.

PUBG New State Mobile

New state
Pubg new state mobile

This game has been developed for high end devices as its graphics are very good which can run well only on a better CPU and GPU. In this, the facility of PUBG Mobile has been given with new maps.

Call of Duty Mobile ( COD Mobile )

Cod mobile
call of duty mobile logo

Call of Duty is very popular in PC gaming. After the launch of cod mobile, it has given a tough competition to Pubg Mobile. This game is easier than Pubg mobile and features like many loadouts have been given in it.

Modern Combat 4: zero hour & Modern Combat 5: blackout

modern combat 5
modern combat 5 mobile

Both these games have the option of online multiplayer with story mode. These games on mobile were present even before Pubg Mobile.

Garena FreeFire

garena freefire

Freefire is a very good game for low budget mobile. There is a freefire game for the devices that do not play Pubg Mobile. This game is less in size and optimized. PUBG Mobile is an alternative.

Other Mobile FPS Games

  • Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS
  • Critical OPS – Multiplayer FPS
  • Guns Of Boom
  • Gameloft N.O.V.A. 3
  • Minecraft Mobile
  • Dead Trigger 2 – Zombie Game
  • Shadowgun Legends – Online FPS
  • Shadowgun war games
  • Coverfire – 3D shooting game
  • Standoff 2
  • War Robots Multiplayer Battle
  • Infinity OPS – Cyberpunk shooter
  • World War Heroes – WW FPS game

Rules For Playing Games

People under the age of 18 should not play games for more than 1 hour per day. People 18+ who don’t have a career in gaming should avoid playing games for a long time. People below 18 years of age or older who have made a career in gaming, should set rules for playing games for their audience so that everyone’s health is mentally and physically healthy.
By playing more games, they adversely affect the health and make you physically and mentally weak. Playing more games can make you lose your composure and can cause death of someone in real life.
Parents should not keep children in excessive care and never encourage wrong things. Give the child a correct routine by making a timetable. Enjoy these best fps games in time limit.

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