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Different brands of Android phones show ads in different ways, but the way to remove ads on smartphones is the same.

In the last 5 years, most of the Android phone companies make money by putting ads in different ways in the phones in the competition to provide more features at cheap price. People searching for how to remove ads on smartphones. Advertising in Android phones was started by smartphone companies Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. Most ads appear in MIUI 14 (Xiaomi & Redmi), Samsung (OneUI) , Funtouch OS (Vivo & IQOO) and OPPO (Color Os). These companies launch phones at cheap prices by putting ads in the phones, which benefits both the customer and the company. But after getting cheap phones, some customers have to repent with irritating ads.

We have explained how to remove browser ads, phone ads, lock screen ads, apps ads, Android games ads, Apple iPhone ads, notification ads, YouTube ads and all other ads. Below, some easy steps to remove ads on smartphones (Android/iPhone).

How to stop Google ads on Android (Remove Ads On Smartphones)

See the picture steps shown to stop Google Ads (Trun Off Ads) :-

Remove Ads On Smartphones
How to stop Google ads on Android

How To Block Ads on Android phone

Block Ads on Android
How To Block notification Ads on Android phone

Android phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme and Vivo have custom UI. In this, by going to the settings of the apps whose ads notification is visible, clear all data, force stop and disable respectively.

To remove wallpaper ads and lock screen ads, apply above settings on Wallpapers app. You will stop seeing ads immediately. Never update or open force stopped apps.

If updated or opened by mistake, apply the same settings again. Avoid installing Android Ad blocker apps.

How To Remove Ads On Chrome

Remove Ads On Chrome
How To Remove Ads On Chrome

With the help of some free ad blocker extensions, you can block Chrome ads. Adblock and Adblock Plus extension is the best ad blocker.

For ad revenue, some websites have an adblock detector which will show you the content only after disabling the ad blocker.

How To Block Ads In Apps

To block ads of any app, you have to buy its premium version. If premium version is not available then you will have to talk to the developer of that app.

In most premium apps, ads are removed by the developer for better user experience.

How To Block Ads On Android Games

Most Android games have two versions, free or paid. Ads are shown for free and not in paid. So you can remove ads by paying for that game.

Before spending money on any Android game, check whether it has the function of remove ads or not.

How To Remove Ads From iPhone

Remove Ads From iPhone
How To Remove Ads From iPhone

Go to iPhone Settings > click on Privacy > click on Apple Advertising then Turn off Personalized Ads.
Ads are negligible in the iPhone.

How To Block Ads On YouTube App

youtube premium
youtube premium benifits

To remove ads from YouTube, the world’s most favorite video app, you have to buy YouTube Premium. After which ads will not come and you will also get to see other benefits like YouTube Original Series, YouTube Music, Background Play and YouTube Kids.

To avoid ads in the phone, buy stock Android phones. You will not get ads and better user experience in Motorola, Nothing Phone 1 and Google Pixel. Buy Motorola phones in low budget.
These apps in phones are ad trackers which keep track of your activity and show you ads accordingly. Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and some other apps track your phone. Whatever you type in your phone, buy or chat with someone, then these companies get to know through the tracking system and you start seeing ads according to your behavior. Download only the necessary or good apps from Play Store or App Store. Never download apps you have doubts on.
Do not click on any provocative or mind-blowing link in the SMS without knowing it. Avoid downloading any file or app for free recharge and gift. Use the phone for important and good things.

QnA About Ads Block/Remove (Remove Ads On Smartphones)

Qus. How to get rid of ads on Android phone
Ans. Disable Unused app & disable personalized ads on Google account.
Qus. How do I block all ads on my phone
Ans. Stop Updating your ads app. You can’t stop all ads if your smartphone company forcely showing to you.
Qus. How to stop ads on Samsung phone
Ans. Disable Ads Apps in App settings
Qus. Best dns for ad blocking
Ans. cloudflare
Qus. How to block ads on Android with dns
Ans. Buy dns & add on your phone dns settings
Qus. How to remove ads from Android apps without rooting
Ans. Disable personalized ads & delete/disable ads apps.
Qus. How to remove ads from gallery
Ans. Change gallery app or turn off data usage for gallery app.

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